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Transition to New Classes 2020

These pages will give you information about your child's new class.

Mixing Classes Rationale

Every year we mix classes.  We will ask the children to name a friend and will ensure they have someone with them in their new class.
When we allocate the new classes, we take into account several factors including; children’s friendships, academic ability, girl/boy numbers, and broader social groupings. Please remember that staff will always do their best to meet everyone's needs, but the rationale for mixing the classes every year is to ‘re-balance’ the groupings, broaden the classes friendship and to purposely give children these transition experiences to build up their resilience which will help them as they get older.
We fully appreciate this can cause anxiety for some children and the summer 2 half term is planned to make this transition as smooth as possible.
If parents are not happy with their child’s new class we are very happy to discuss this with you, but we will not change classes once they are set and shared with children. There is no appeals process.