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Topic Themes

We have developed, our own knowledge and skills based learning topics. We combine together different curriculum subjects: art, design and technology, geography and history in an inspiring and engaging way around a focus. Some topics continue throughout the duration of a term; others last for half a term.

As part of this work visits to places of interest are organised to engage and excite the children. We are fully committed to using the rich cultural capital that the local and surrounding area has to offer.  These can be either a school-based workshop, visitor or themed day, a trip to a local venue (such as South Hill Park or a local church), or a coach trip further afield (for example; Marwell zoo, Milestones museum or Oxford castle).

During the year, we also devote a week to one of our special theme weeks: Arts Week, History Day, Science Week.

Class teachers (and HLTAs) will teach children the majority of the different national curriculum.  Teachers use Catherine Cheater scheme of work for French.  Music Express scheme is used for Music.  All teachers are trained in REAL PE and this is used as the basis of our PE curriculum.  Switched On IT is the scheme used for Computing.   

Curriculum Subject Leaders & Middle leaders

While class teachers are able to teach a broad curriculum they are supported by Curriculum Subject Leaders.  Subject Leaders are able to offer advice and support and are responsible for curriculum teaching and coverage their subject across the whole school.  Further help and advice are also available from Advisory Teachers and other School Improvement Advisors from the Local Authority.