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Ordering School Lunch

School meals are free for all Reception children. At Birch Hill, we are one of only a few schools that run our own kitchen. This means that we design our own menus and can be flexible with what lunches we offer. Our kitchen team is integral to the school and work with School Council to get input to the menu, run cooking club and provide food for events.

We offer a choice of two main meals and two light choices every day with the choice of a healthy dessert. We have a vegan choice every day so vegans and vegetarians are catered for. Meals are balanced and nutritious to fit with Food Standards. Our latest menu is attached below.

If your child has an allergy, we require a parent declaration form to be completed to advise us what your child can eat from the menu. We are unable to feed your child without this being completed. Our kitchen manager can provide more information on the allergen content of meals. Similarly if your child cannot eat any ingredients for personal reasons, please also let us know. 

Parents need to order lunch at home for their child by midnight the day below. We use Eduspot, also known as School Money, to order lunches. When your child is enrolled with us in the first week of September, we will send you a welcome message to your mobile/email. This will give you a link to set up your account on the Eduspot website. We recommend that parents download the Eduspot App which allows easy selection of meals. Instructions on how to use the App are attached below - use the second page that gives instructions for ordering a free meal. For meals starting 6th September, you will need to order by midnight on Sunday 5th.

If you have not ordered a school lunch and your child does not have a packed lunch, you will be contacted by text. Please help us and your child by ordering meals in time. Meals are loaded onto Eduspot each half term.