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At Birch Hill Primary School we operate a House system: each being named after one of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) - as voted for by the children. Once children enter Year 1, they are allocated a House for which they will participate in a range of competitions over the school year and are given the opportunity to contribute to something bigger. Each of the four houses are led by two Year 6 pupils, as elected by their peers; their responsibilities include: collecting house points; encouraging younger members of their house do the best they can in order to earn points for their team; represent their house at school events; and foster leadership. Each member of staff is also allocated a House team.

Each child is eligible to collect house points as part of the school’s reward schemes, which are collected and totalled weekly. House points can be awarded for a variety of reasons, including: working hard in class, producing good quality work, following the school’s Golden Rules, helping each other and setting a good example. The House Cup is awarded at the end of each half term to the team having collected the highest number of house points. In addition to individually being given house points, each half term the school organises events such as quizzes, readathons, creative tasks and of course, Sports Day, each of which encourages friendly competition, where children can represent their House and win more points for their team.

Our current points are;