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Emergency Closure Information

Closing the school is not a decision that is taken lightly because of the inconvenience it causes parents and carers and the loss in the children's education. However, there may be times when there is no alternative. We will always try to give as much notice as possible, but sometimes health & safety risks, or for example rapidly changing weather conditions may make this difficult.
Our aim will always be to avoid unnecessary closure.


If it is necessary to close then there are several places to get information.

  • The school website will be updated.
  • The school will update as many social media sites as possible such as; the school's Facebook and Twitter pages and the Friends of Birch Hill facebook pages, Bracknell Forest council.
  • The school will send out emails and text message via Teacher2Parents.
  • Information on local radio stations for broadcast.
  • When possible, the school answerphone message will also be updated.


If it is snow related, and it has snowed before the start of the school day, road conditions may stop enough staff getting in to school. The school will decide whether to;

  • Fully close the school.
  • Close only certain classes (where there are not enough adults to keep the children safe).
  • Delay the start of the day to allow adults to get into school.

If the school is open, but severe weather comes in during the day, the school may decide to close the school early. The deciding factor for this would be;

  • Children's safety,
  • Parents and staff homeward journey, taking into account the condition of the roads around the school and further afield.