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Young Voices 2024

Choir perform at Young Voices event at London's O2 Arena on 16th January.

With almost 9,000 children participating every night, Young Voices is a series of concerts that bring together school choirs from all over the UK to become the largest student choral group in the world. In addition to having the chance to perform at such a large arena, the children get to share the stage with a variety of professional musicians. We sang songs this year with Natalie Williams, Nandi Bushell, and MC Grammar. Our children behaved wonderfully throughout, and they sang and danced with tremendous passion. 

The day was particularly memorable for choir members Florence, Riley, and Amel who got to spend their birthdays together while taking part in the event. Choir members, please remember that taking part in Young Voices automatically makes you eligible to apply for a Blue Peter Music Badge Award at